KUDAR hosts a variety of personnel and resources to help scholars pursue the center's mission.  To learn more about the center, and how to contact us, please click here.
As part of its mission, KUDAR offers a variety of fellowship opportunities to scholars at different stages of their career.  To learn more about these opportunities, as well as our past fellows, please click here.
KUDAR hosts a number of research projects throughout the Mediterranean that investigate the relationship between society and the sea.  To learn more about our projects and their results, please click here.
The dissemination of information by scholars is key to KUDAR's mission.  To find information on the events conducted under the center's aegis, please click here.
The Koç University Mustafa V. Koç Maritime Archaeology Research Center (KUDAR) was established as part of Koç University in 2017 in memory of Mustafa V. Koç.  With a mission to become the foremost international institution studying the relationship between society and the sea, KUDAR is one of the many research centers affiliated with the Department of Archaeology and History of Art at Koç University. To pursue this mission, KUDAR supports and promotes Turkish and international scholars conducting high-impact research on, heritage management of, and conservation activities upon material culture emblematic of this relationship.  The center prioritizes and supports research in the Humanities and Social Sciences – primarily Archaeology – but also Anthropology, History, Geography, Heritage Management, Conservation, and similar disciplines that contribute to its overall mission; studies in the applied and natural sciences that pursue the center’s mission are appropriate as well.